Fumpa Gauge Manual

USB Type-C Version WDGAUV10

Please read and comply with these instructions prior to using your Fumpa Gauge


Intended Use

Fumpa Gauge is intended for use as a portable air pressure gauge to check the air pressure of tyres.

Protect the unit from rain. Do not store outside.

Fumpa Gauge cannot inflate tyres. Fumpa Gauge can only measure the air pressure inside of tyres.

The manufacturer is not responsible for damage due to incorrect operation.


Environmental Protection

Fumpa Gauge contains a lithium battery.  Please dispose of Fumpa Gauge correctly.


Safety Instructions

Child safety - Fumpa Gauge is not to be used by children, unless supervised by an adult. Fumpa is not a toy.

Risk of fire – Do not subject Fumpa Gauge to temperatures exceeding 50oC. Do not leave Fumpa Gauge in a hot car.

Risk of electric shock – Never use Fumpa Gauge with wet hands. Check the USB charge cable for damage before use.

Risk of explosion – Do not use Fumpa Guage near explosive or combustible gases, liquids or reactive dust particles (such as aluminium, magnesium or zinc).


Package Contents

When opening the box, the you find find the following (refer to the image below):

  • 1 x Fumpa Gauge tyre gauge
  • 1 x USB Type C cable
  • 1 x Clip to connect your gauge to your bag or key ring


Charging Fumpa Gauge

Charge Fumpa Gauge by connecting the supplied USB Type C cable to the USB Charge Port (see below). Connect the other end of the USB cable to a PC or USB wall charger (not supplied). The ON button will glow red, indicating that Fumpa Gauge is connected to the charger. The button will cease glowing when Fumpa Gauge is fully charged. Using a 5V, 2Amp supply, Fumpa Gauge should be recharged in 30 minutes.



  • Never leave your gauge charging unattended!
  • Always disconnect the USB charge cable before use.
  • Counterfeit wall chargers pose a fire risk and can damage your pump!
  • Only charge your gauge using wall chargers purchased from reputable consumer electronics stores.
  • Ensure your charger is marked with at least one of these symbols:



Turning on the gauge

Press the button to turn Fumpa Gauge on. The display will initially display “BAt”, followed by the charge of the internal battery (from 0-100). The display will then show the pressure of the object that it is connected to.

It is important to turn the gauge on before connecting it to a tyre. Upon startup the gauge with calibrate the zero gauge pressure reading. Connecting the gauge to a tyre and then turning it on will result in an incorrect pressure reading. 


Changing pressure units

A quick press of the button changes pressure units from psi, to kPa, to Bar, then back to psi. This is illustrated in the video below. The display will indicate a pressure unit change by flashing indicator lights towards the particular units marking to the right of the display. Changing pressure units is stored in Fumpa Gauge's memory. So (for example) if you select Bar as your pressure unit and you then turn the gauge off, upon turning the gauge back on you will find Bar as your default pressure unit.


Changing the nozzle to accept Presta Valves

Fumpa Gauge has been designed to accept both Presta and Schrader Valves:



When you receive your Fumpa Gauge the nozzle will be set up to accept Schrader valves. To accept Presta valves, unscrew the cap, flip the black insert insert, flip the seal around and screw the cap back onto the nozzle:


Reading tyre pressure

After turning Fumpa Gauge on, connect Fumpa Gauge to a tyre by pushing its nozzle onto the tyre's valve.

The red seal inside Fumpa Gauge's nozzle has been designed to minimise the amount air that is released when connecting the gauge to the tyre's valve. 

Below shows a video of Fumpa Gauge measuring the pressure inside a mountain bike tyre with a Schrader valve. In the video the user first chooses Bar pressure units, then connects the gauge to the tyre. The pressure inside the tyre is shown on the display (in this instance in Bar units).

We recommend locating the tyre's valve near the top of the tyre and standing over the tyre as shown in the video. This method also works best for tubeless tyres as their is less chance in sealant getting into the gauge.

The maximum pressure of Fumpa Gaurge is 250psi (1720kPa or 17.2Bar). Do not subject Fumpa Gauge beyond this pressure. Please note if pressure goes beyond 999kPa the kPa unit display can no longer be used. If pressure does go beyond 999kPa, the kPa units will display "HI". psi and Bar pressure readings however can still be displayed beyond this pressure.


When the gauge is connected to the tyre and pressure is being shown on the display, the user can press and hold the button. This will save the pressure reading on the display, even when the user releases the gauge from the tyre. This can be useful if the valve is positioned in a hard-to-see location. The user can connect the gauge to the tyre, obtain a pressure reading, hold the button to save the pressure reading and bring the gauge closer to their eyes for viewing. The video below illustrates this process (units are in psi):


Releasing air from a tyre

Fumpa Gauge can be used to release air from a tyre and to monitor the reduced tyre pressure at the same time. This is achieved by angling the gauge relative to the valve, as shown in the video below. Angling the gauge releases air from around the gauge's seal. This method works for both Presta and Shrader valves and allows for either lots of air to be released, or just a small amount, depending on how much the gauge is angled. Below illustrates this process (units are in psi):


Turning the gauge OFF

Fumpa Gauge will automatically turn off after 15 seconds if the pressure reading on its display is less than 3psi (20kPa or 0.2Bar). So simplistically, if the gauge is not connected to anything, it will turn off by itself.

If Fumpa Gauge reads a pressure greater than 3psi, the gauge will stay on until the battery is flat. This allows the gauge to be connected to a manifold (for example) to continually measure pressure. Connecting the gauge to a manifold is easily achieved by unscrewing the gauge's nozzle and taking advantage of the 1/8" BSPP (G1/8") male thread with O Ring seal. Below shows the gauge with nozzle removed.

Fumpa gauge can be used whilst being charged via USB cable. But please note that the charging circuit may introduce unwanted noise to the gauge, which may result in pressure reading fluctuations.

To manually turn off the gauge, press and hold the button for 10 seconds. 



Fumpa Gauge is powered via a rechargeable lithium battery. Fumpa Gauge includes battery protection circuitry to ensure safe operation of the battery. For a once-a-week user, the battery should last a number years.



Fumpa Gauge comes complete with a twelve month warranty on all parts. We will repair possible faults free of charge within the warranty period, as long as the faults are caused by material defects or defective workmanship. Warranty claims should be addressed to info@fumpapumps.com or the retailer whom you purchased the unit from.



  • Fumpa Gauge won't turn on - Battery required charging
  • Fumpa Gauge is reading zero pressure when connected to a pressurised tyre - Allow the gauge to turn off, then turn the gauge back on when it is not connected to the tyre. This is very important.
  • Air escapes from around the nozzle - A new seal inside the nozzle is required. Go to http://www.fumpapumps.com for new seal sales.

If the gauge behaves unexpectedly, please turn it off and contact info@fumpapumps.com.

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